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Our Clients

The Clients Who Turn to us for HVAC Installation and Maintenance

When a property owner, maintenance manager, general manager, or general contractor needs professional commercial HVAC installation and maintenance in the greater New England area, they turn to us.

We are proud to be the mechanical contractor, HVAC installation expert, and HVAC maintenance specialist our clients turn to for top-notch Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning they can rely on.

Our Client Relationships are Built on the Services we Deliver

The majority of our business is repeat business, meaning that once you contract with us for your commercial, multi-residential, institutional, medical facility, or hospital project, you’ll want to experience the ease of working with us again and again.

Take a look at some of the HVAC systems we’ve installed and continue to maintain—and then contact us about yours.

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HVAC system on top of commercial roof


We will recommend and design an HVAC system for your commercial building that maximizes economy, efficiency, and comfort. Then, we’ll maintain that system to extend its life and eliminate worry about breakdowns.

Working on a multi-residential HVAC unit


For large residential complexes and apartment buildings, we’ve got the fan coils, condensers, refrigeration piping, hot water piping, ductwork, and expertise to keep your residents safe and comfortable—all in one contract.

Working on top of building HVAC unit


When schools, universities, group homes, airports, prisons, recreational centers, and community centers need specific, unique solutions that meet time and budget constraints, they turn to our expert HVAC technicians.

Medical HVAC unit

Hospital/ Medical

Hospitals and medical facilities require the highest-quality HVAC systems that adhere to strict ventilation and isolation standards. We fabricate, install, and maintain systems with indoor air quality, aseptic and secure thermal conditions as our focus.

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Are You Ready to Enjoy the Benefits of Being a Monahan Technologies Client?

We’re on a mission to change the way you feel about your commercial HVAC contractor. We want to show you how proficient time management, intelligent material ordering, preventative maintenance, fast service, and installation in accordance with YOUR processes can make all the difference in your bottom line and overall success.

If you’re ready to get started, that’s all we need to know. Get in touch to talk about details today!

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